Doctor’s Data

This CME approved event is supported by an educational grant from Doctor’s Data, Inc.

DD_logo_SponsorDoctor’s Data, Inc., (DDI) an independent clinical laboratory with over 40 years’ experience, provides specialty laboratory testing and services for healthcare practitioners worldwide. A specialist and pioneer in essential and toxic elemental testing of multiple human tissues, the laboratory offers a wide array of functional testing.

DDI’s tests are utilized in the assessment, detection, prevention, and treatment of heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, cardiovascular risk, metabolic abnormalities, and diseases of environmental origin. DDI is a licensed CLIA laboratory with appropriate state certifications and participates in numerous quality assurance/proficiency testing programs including the College of American Pathology, New York State DOH and Le Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec.

Quality Assurance – Quality Control (QA/QC)

  •     Accurate/precise results
  •     Low detection limits
  •     Contamination control
  •     Rapid turnaround time
  •     Cost effective analysis
  •     CLIA certified

Assuring the quality of results for our clients is a top priority at Doctor’s Data, Inc.(DDI). Consistent quality is attained through the ongoing efforts of our highly trained personnel, the use of the latest in instrumentation and methodologies, continuing education for our clients, a new powerful data management system, and extensive quality control. Analysis of quality control samples and participation in proficiency testing programs allow DDI to assure that the precision and accuracy of our results meet the clinical needs of today ’s health practitioners.

DDI has an extensive QA program. This program allows the monitoring of precision, accuracy, and detection limits of our analytical measurements. The QA program also includes other service related issues, such as: the time required to get our client the results, the cost of analysis, results interpretation, customer service, billing, and scientific research. Our laboratories have been engineered with critical airflows and air and water purification systems to control contamination. To achieve continual quality improvement, DDI has set up a system of quality control, data review, audits, and proficiency testing. In addition, DDI’s continued involvement in scientific research allows the complete understanding of the clinical data generated. Benefits to our clients include timely, reliable, clinically relevant results that are reasonably priced.

 Quality Control

Extensive quality control samples are used to monitor the precision and accuracy of the results including:

  •     Calibration verification standards
  •     Calibration monitoring standards
  •     Preparation blanks
  •     Laboratory controls and reference materials – low, medium, and high levels
  •     Spiked samples
  •     Laboratory duplicates

Detection Limits & Reviews

DDI uses instrumentation that provides the most sensitive analysis, including state-of-the- art sample preparation and introduction systems. Detection limits are routinely assessed to reflect the level at which we have 99% confidence in detecting the analyte. Data review is performed on every QC sample and every patient result, to assure that all QC criteria are met and that critical values are checked. Samples are also sent to other laboratories to compare results. Finally, DDI conducts periodic management reviews of all procedures that affect quality.

Proficiency Testing

DDI successfully participates in numerous proficiency testing programs. These include testing performed by:

  •     College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  •     New York State Department of Health
  •     Le Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec
  •     Wisconsin CDC (formerly CDC)

Perhaps the most compelling test of quality performed at DDI is the double-blind performance test. This involves submitting a specimen of known quantity to our laboratory. The laboratory does not know that the sample is a performance test, which assures it is treated as a regular sample. Results are evaluated for accuracy, reproducibility, and the speed in which the results were returned.

In addition, several times a year, DDI is audited by CLIA and the New York State Department of Health. Some of these are voluntary and others are part of licensing or certification. DDI is a licensed CLIA laboratory and has appropriate state certifications.