Biotics Research Corporation

This CME approved event is supported by an educational grant from Biotics Research Corporation.

brc1Biotics Research Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specially designed nutritional products for over thirty years. Our mission remains constant: to be the benchmark of excellence in nutritional science, technology and service, providing the clinician with reliable, innovative products of superior quality as well as the highest level of customer service.

When Biotics Research began manufacturing dietary supplements in the mid 1970s, their mission was to do something that no other company in the industry to date has achieved; manufacture a dietary supplement under the strict quality control measures required by pharmaceutical companies. Below are just some of the quality control measures:

  • Raw material testing –  raw materials and finished products are assayed for purity, potency, and xenobiotics/heavy metals/contaminants.
  • Dissolution testing – ensuring that any tablet/capsule that you intake will be digested and absorbed.
  • Stability testing – through experience and access to the most advanced laboratory testing equipment available, Biotics Research is able to develop products that meet or exceed their label claim past the expiration date. Unlike some other manufacturers, Biotics Research has never been cited for marketing a product that did not meet or exceed label claim up to and beyond the expiration date.

Biotics Research is a fully licensed, federally approved pharmaceutical laboratory.  As such the products produced by Biotics Research are manufactured in accordance with pharmaceutical good manufacturing procedures (GMPs).  All the Biotics Research products have an NDC (National Drug Code) number, and are listed in the database of the National Registration and Listing System. This level of quality control is above and beyond what other professional dietary supplement companies offer, but Biotics has been doing this since their inception. Biotics is also a CDC licensed genetics testing/toxicology testing laboratory.

Quality Control at Biotics Research

For 35 years Biotics Research has maintained the highest quality control standards in the dietary supplement industry. As a Healthcare Professional, you can rest assured knowing that when you purchase Biotics Research products, they are of the highest quality and purity, translating into effective clinical results. The in-house quality control laboratory tests all raw material and finished product for identity, activity, consistency, and toxin/contaminant levels. Constituents meet or exceed label claims until their expiration date. When you purchase a Biotics Research supplement, you can rest assured that everything on the label is in the bottle.

Biotics tests all raw materials, even from the most trusted suppliers to ensure safety and efficacy of the products. If materials are deemed unsafe they are sent back to the supplier and will stop the manufacturing process until it can be safety replaced.

Trace Minerals

Biotics Research was the first to produce a yeast-free, food-form of trace minerals. Soluble forms of trace minerals are incorporated by plant cells into vegetable culture forms, harvested, and tableted. This enhances the uptake and utilisation of these minerals, just the way Nature intended.

Emulsification of fat soluble vitamins

When fats are digested the body receives hormonal signals to secrete bile to “emulsify” the nutrient for absorption. Biotics Research has developed an exclusive process of emulsifying fat-soluble nutrients such as A, D, E, K, CoQ10 (without the use of toxic detergents) into the finest droplet sizes available. The emulsification of these nutrients greatly enhances lymphatic absorption and uptake of fat-soluble nutrients, especially in those with compromised digestive function. The emulsifications produced by Biotics Research have been documented to be 2-3 times more effective than dry, oily or micellized forms.

Biotics Research is a family owned, fully staffed, primary manufacturer, that conducts in-house research and testing.

Firsts from Biotics Research Corporation

  • First with vegetable culture concentrates as a live tableting base.
  • First to introduce vegetable culture sources of rubidium, germanium, lithium, vanadium, selenium, chromium and molybdenum.
  • First to introduce SOD as a food supplement.
  • First to have oral forms of interferon (human and species specific for animal healthcare).
  • First to develop and introduce free tansferulic acid (FRAC) and gamma oryzanol.

Core Values

Commitment to nutritional well being through innovative ideas and innovative products; that pretty well says what Biotics Research Corporation is all about. What we do and how we do it, distinguishes us. We are a company whose innovations have led to a series of firsts. We have explored new areas and mapped the way in the food supplement industry, greatly benefiting the field of clinical nutrition.

From our inception, the hallmark of Biotics Research has been innovative ideas, carefully researched concepts and the development of superior nutritional products for our professional clientele and their patients. We combine the very best of cutting edge science with the lessons that Nature teaches.

At Biotics, research isn’t just part of our name; it’s a large part of who we are. Research has always been a cornerstone of our company’s unique character, and has led to our many firsts in the industry. They include, for example, the introduction of coenzyme Q10 and chondroitin sulphates as dietary supplements. While other nutritional companies’ research is limited to literature review, Biotics Research Corporation develops new methods of accurate analysis, isolates new compounds, assists in clinical research, and measures and implements the benefits of new, effective delivery systems. Our research can be viewed in peer reviewed scientific literature.

The power and quality of our research and development, with input from all areas of expertise, leads to the development of important new products. However, research and development is just the start. Our specially designed, state of the art manufacturing and laboratory facilities allows for on-site manufacturing of our own products, and in many cases our own raw materials. The highly skilled scientific and technical staff at Biotoics Research, using modern analytical methods of analysis, enables us to incorporate quality control procedures that are second to none in our industry. We maintain complete control over the selection of raw materials and the testing of ingredients prior to their approval for use in our products. In-process testing and continual inspections are utilized to monitor all production processes, and all finished products are tested prior to their being released. Our people and process ensure that Biotics Research continually supplies products that are both safe and effective.

Once manufactured and packaged, our products are then ready for shipment. Whether shipped from our corporate headquarters in Texas, or the facilities of one of our distributors throughout the world, Biotics products are sure to arrive in a timely fashion.

With all of our infrastructure and physical capabilities, it is the skilled, caring people throughout out entire organizations, people who take pride in what they do, that has brought Biotics Research Corporation to the forefront of the clinical nutritional industry. It is their can-do attitude, along with the relationship developed with our health professional clientele, that drives us to continually push forward in our never ending quest to improve and innovate. Why? Because it’s what our customers demand and deserve.

To conceive the innovative idea, to research the concept, to push forward the development, to manufacture the product, to bring the idea into reality, and to get the product to our customers when and where they need it; that approach has placed Biotics Research Corporation in the vanguard of the clinical nutrition industry. It is our mission to stay there.